Wadi Rum Desert jeep Tours

Sleeping Under a Million Stars

Sleeping Under a Million Stars


15 JOD

We are pleased to offer you the experience of sleeping under millions and millions of stars for a unique experience
In a special place overlooking the Valley of the Moon, an open place away from any lights or disturbances
Just you and nature
After a jeep tour or walking
Let’s go to the camping site
To hug your pillow near the fire that we lit to give some impression of the Bedouin and desert life, to live these moments and write them in your diary to remain beautiful memories.
Dinner will be cooked over the fire the Bedouin way
Bedouin tea with wild herbs
And after dinner you lie on your bed and there is nothing between you and the sky on a quiet night contemplating the stars and planets and how big the world is.
And you can wander at night near the camping place to feel calm and peaceful
On the second day, you can watch the sunrise from your bed in a special and wonderful scene
After breakfast and coffee or tea, we leave the camping site and return to the village or continue if there are more programs or plans to stay.

Sleeping Under a Million Stars

In this tour, you can add the experience of sleeping under millions of stars in the middle of the desert in a quiet place overlooking the Valley of the Moon, to have a unique and distinctive experience to wake up to the sunrise and its reflections on the beautiful sands of the desert


The price includes a private full-day Jeep tour of the Wadi Rum desert
Includes an expedition to the White Desert
And a traditional Bedouin lunch
Bedouin tea, bottled water and an unforgettable desert experience.
15 dinars
* Children aged 15 years and under are free of charge.
* You can pay cash in Jordanian dinars
or the US dollar
or the euro